Jacquie was so accommodating

A colossal THANK YOU to Jacquie Spudis for working tirelessly, and always with a smile on her face during our home search! My husband and I were looking for a very specific home in a specific type of area, and it was stressful for us, as this was a search for our dream home. Jacquie was so accommodating  with our work schedules, and was always very communicative with us regarding changes and updates with our process. She also helped us navigate through the complexities of contractual issues, and alleviated much of our stress along the way.  Jacquie is an authentically enthusiastic person, which makes her so terrific at helping people reach the end result. We would not be standing in our dream home right now without her patience and determination!  Thanks again Jacquie!
With big big gratitude,
Michael and Noelle Ogden
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