Our Mission

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Synergy is a leading local, full-service, real estate team made up of associates who delight in helping people buy and sell homes in our community.

Together we create a vibrant image and a premium brand that reflects the tastes of our generation. 

Our goal is to offer an inviting space and a premium experience for a select group of agents who value positive energy, collaboration, and unforgettable service.

Our Values

Core business values are crucial in setting the tone as to how a business will operate and prosper. 

They establish a company’s personality, they speak to what is important to the organization.

Core values do not change from time to time to suit various situations, they define the company’s culture and they hold the team accountable.

  • Service and emotional engagement are not just words to us. They are the very fabric of who we are.
  • We believe in making magic moments for our customers.
  • We believe in simplicity.
  • We believe in people helping people.
  • We believe in innovation. We keep the future in mind. We insist on creativity
  • We believe in being better, not by comparison to others but by comparison to ourselves.
  • We have Passion and enthusiasm for what we do. We act courageously, we create excitement and energy, we respect and protect the environment.
  • Authenticity is important to us. We honor our commitments, we treat customers and each other fairly, we speak the truth. We communicate clearly and listen.
  • We are committed to Inclusion, we embrace all people and ideas.
  • Growth is crucial to our success. We hold each other and ourselves accountable for business results, we create new opportunities, actively seek self-improvement, and exceed our performance goals.
  • Excellence We strive for perfection. We may never achieve it but by the act of striving for it we can't help but be better.

In choosing these values we acknowledge that we will distinguish ourselves by exceeding expectations. 

We respond immediately and appropriately. 

We attract the best talent, we deliver meaningful results to our clients.